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Pathways ... To God


Worship and praise, music, learning, and outreach can all be sacred pathways to God. They are the foundation of God's church.

Worship and Praise


The first path on the way to finding God is through regular corporate praise and worship. Each Sunday worshipers experience a varied, vibrant, and engaging worship service. Visual effects, music, scripture, communion and The Good News message are all coordinated around a central worship theme. Arrive early and enjoy "coffee, cookies and conversation" with the church family and friends. Ours is a lively and informal service where God's people joyfully talk to Him and to each other. Pastor Blane always has a timely, toe-stepping, spiritual message. We are a fun, fulfilling, and exciting church. Won't you join us?



The Learning path travels in different formats and venues at DCC. People of all ages learn in different ways and in different settings. Today’s younger generation likes lots of visuals and less written material, while older folks might still prefer studying from a book or standard lesson. Children love action and activity thrown in the mix. No one plan or size fits all.

Wonderful Wednesdays
Wonderful Wednesdays is a time of Bible Study led by our Pastor.  It is an open study taking a verse by verse discussion, question and answer approach while learning history associated with the study.  A light meal is served at 5:45 pm followed by the study at 6:30 pm.


DCC Young Believers meet each Wednesday night during Adult Bible Study.  There is a time of devotion and activities designed to show our youth the Pathway to God.  All youth are welcome to join.



One of the most beautiful paths to our Creator is through music. Anita Lanier, our Director of Music, is both pianist and choir director. The Adult Choir rehearses each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. and sings most Sundays. Anyone who wishes to "make a joyful noise to the Lord" is encouraged to join the choir. There is a variety of other special music including vocal and instrumental solos. Each has a spot just for you—no talent needed—just desire.




"Love in Action" is the path commanded by our Lord to love Him and to love others. How do we love God and others? We love them by reaching out in acts of love and service. At DCC outreach flows from many directions. First, it flows from the church Outreach Team and as such involves everyone in the church family. Next it flows from the Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF) and all its many projects of caring for others. (click here) Youth and children join in too with their own special projects. So there is no beginning and no end to outreach at DCC. Like a river or stream, it is continuously flowing making its way through the many needs in our immediate area and on to places far away.

Susan and Heather
CWF Baby Shower
The Rock
VBS 2013
Elvis at DCC
Veterans Day 2013
VBS 2013
Homecoming 2013
I Am Second
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